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Creative Research Activities

For the Individual Research Activities under Guidance of Mentor

학급 및 학생현황
Grade Title Semester Details Credits
10th Creative Research Fundamentals Spring Survey of Creative Research
(To cultivate scientific creativity)
Fall Research Methodology Seminar
(To identify research subjects, develop basic research capabilities, create research plans, and write proposal)
11th Self-Directed Small Group Research Spring R&E program 5
Summer vacation R&E On-site Research 4
Domestic and International On-site Research 2
Fall Individual research or KAIST HRP
(Writing graduation thesis)
12th Graduation research Spring Individual research or KAIST HRP 3
Summer vacation KAIST HRP intensive training (6 weeks) -
Fall Individual research or KAIST HRP
(Writing graduation thesis)

Creative Research Fundamentals(10th grade)

  • Survey of Creative Research helps students explore research areas of their interest and acquire basic knowledge for research activities.
  • Research Methodology Seminar is part of small-group research activities and operated as mentorship.
    Students learn basic information on research fi elds and create research plans on their own.

R&E (Research and Education) Program(11th grade)

  • R&E is a student-directed research program.
  • Students join a small group mentored by a researcher in the area of students¡¯ interest to perform research activities for one year (One group consists of one faculty member and 3 students).
  • Domestic On-site Research for R&E lasts at least 20 days during summer vacation.
  • R&E research activities are encouraged through interim and fi nal presentations, and students must write a report on research outcomes.
  • Overview of R&E Program

(In recent 3 years)

2024 15 26 2 1 4 1 49
2023 13 22 2 1 4 4 46
2022 15 20 1 1 6 3 46

Graduation Research (12th grade)

  • Students perform research in the areas of their respective interests and make a graduation thesis.
  • Students may choose either Individual Research or KAIST HRP program for Graduation Research.
  • For KAIST HRP, students contact KAIST professors individually, referring to their research plans . After selecting an advisor, students carry out research from the 1st semester and during the intensive learning (6 weeks) in summer vacation of 12th grade. Students stay at KAIST on summer vacation for six weeks and complete the graduation thesis.

KSA Creative Research Presentation

  • Students participating in Creative Research Activities are given an opportunity to see how far their research has progressed through presentations of their works. By experiencing the process of producing and presenting research results, they are encouraged to more actively pursue further research.