KSA Fund Fund Usage

Fund Usage

  • School Mandate

    Mandated for purposes according to school requirements

  • Educational Facility Maintenance and Expansion

    Preparation of education&research related buildings to create a superior educational environment

  • Equipment and Books

    Latest Educational and research equipment and books in support of the sciences and humanities as well as other support materials

  • Physical Education and other cultural activities

    Activities to promote overall student health including sports competitions and to help encourage artistic expression

  • Student well-fare self-guided activities

    Student dormitory, cafeteria expansion and scholarships to promote student welfare and self-guided activities

  • Activities in support of student curriculum

    Activities to improve classroom methodology (teaching materials and lesson materials development)

  • Faculty welfare projects

    Improvement of working environment in to insurer high quality of education

  • Other school development projects

    Faculty research activity support

  • Special appointments

    Special purposes as proposed by the donator