Academics Leadership Activities

Leadership Activities

Group activities

  • To nurture character and qualities as a global leader with intelligence, ethics, and physical strength
  • To motivate self-initiated selection and cooperative participation (mandatory membership in one club for all students)
  • A total of 19 clubs, 65 research groups and mentoring in operation (as of 2010)
  • Programs in place for various activity areas: Leadership course (global leadership, internship at Samsung Training Center, special lectures, club activities, etc), overseas courses (participation in courses offered at overseas partner institutes), training of body and mind (Mt. Jiri climbing, rowing, etc.), experience-based activities (cross-country trip, cultural experiences, etc.)
  • 8AU for three years depending on the curriculum (over 3AU per year recommended)

Volunteer activities

  • To nurture a sense of community by providing students with opportunities to gain various rewarding experiences as part of character-building education centering on practice
  • To cultivate desirable qualities for global talents of the 21st century
  • Over 8AU each year for three years depending on the curriculum (over 3AU per year is recommended)
  • Volunteer activities in Mongolia and Vietnam, Habitat for Humanity, volunteer activities at rural communities, volunteer work at Eumseong Ggotdongne.

Mentoring Program

  • Teaching and learning of particular subjects amongst seniors and juniors or students of the same grade
  • Sharing each other's talent and nurturing a sense of community through mentoring
  • Active mentoring in fine arts as well as various subjects in science

School festivals (SAF / SAC)

  • To create a sound KSA culture by promoting gifted students' creativity and scientific process skills, while providing a place for festival where all students of KSA can get together and become one
  • SAF (Science Academic Festival)
    • - Science contest and presentation
    • - Department contest, quiz competition, astronomical observation, science picture contest, etc.
  • SAC (Science Adventure Celebration)
    • - Club performances and exhibitions representing various interests and cultural activities
    • - Sports festival, humanities academic presentations, invited lectures, club performances and exhibitions