About KSA Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

제 8대 KAIST 부설 한국과학영재학교장 정윤



Since its establishment in 2003 as the first science-gifted institute in Korea, the Korea Science Academy (KSA) has offered a genuine form of gifted education on par with global standards for the past 12 years. It has developed and operated a differentiated curriculum specifically aimed at fostering students’creativity. It has also provided opportunities for students to conduct in-depth study involving experiments and research through its affiliation with KAIST, and has steadily expanded the number of high-profile teachers endowed with professionalism. It has particularly focused on a convergence-based education, character education, discussion-oriented education, and identification of gifted students. KSA has also played a pioneering role in internationalization through classes taught in English and operation of a class for foreign students.


Based on the valuable experience and insights it has gained, KSA has established its legitimacy in leading the way in the Korean education for science-gifted students, while striving to join the ranks of the world’s top schools for gifted students in science.


The 21st century calls for more kindness and wisdom, instead of simply being smart. The role of KSA in fostering global scientific leaders capable of serving humanity is essential not only for the development of Korea, but also for the entire world.


To achieve this goal of becoming the world’s premier school for gifted students in science, the school is strongly committed to cultivating global leaders with creativity and interdisciplinary thinking, scientific talent instilled with academic enthusiasm and possessing outstanding research capabilities, and well-rounded leaders who are willing to contribute to the development of human life through service and communication. KSA is fostering the world’s most influential scientific minds of the future, and these scientists will create outstanding value through new research and inventions. Our students will grow into talents who possess the wisdom and passion to create new values, competitiveness for innovation, and an exemplary character.


Thank you.