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Change in using a school wireless network system
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  • Date2010-10-06
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The Verification System was adopted for the security and the systematic management of the on-campus wireless network system.


Existing fixed approach is expected to be replaced by the automatic allocation scheme.


How to use the new system.


1. Automatically change the IP configuration of wireless network

2. Access Wireless AP (AP Name: KSA)

3. Once connected, input ID and Password (same with BS system ID and P/W)

4. Use the Internet


Service open date: October 18, 2010


Other details

- One person-two devices system (ex Notebook 1, Smartphones 1)

- Continuous use after one-time verification of personal ID and P/W

- I-Phone and smart phones in service.

- New Notebooks and equipment can be used immediately after inserting ID and P/W when they are newly replaced.

- Be careful in security of personal ID and P/W.

- Contact us : Computer Room, 2nd Floor, Creation Building.


(Tel. 051-606-2347)