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Culture Program for International Students, 2010 Fall
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  • Date2010-08-30
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Culture Program for KSA International Students, 2010 Fall


○ Period : September 18 ~ 26, 2010 (For 9 days)


○ Contents

    ▶ Understanding about Korean Culture

        Special Lecture: "Korean Spirit and Culture" Lecturer, Myoungshin Kim

                                 A basic introduction to Korean's long and rich history,

                                 the spirit of its people, and its cultural values

                                 - Timeless Beauty of Ancient Korean Art

                                 - Hanbok, the Clothes of Wind

                                 - Hangul, the Korean Alphabet

                                 - Korean Traditional Dance and Music

                                 - Korean Food: Unity of Tradition and Nutrition


    ▶ Culture Experiences

        - UNESCO World Heritage in Korea (Andong Haehoe Folk Viliage,etc.)

        - Famous tourist attractions in Busan

           (Eulsukdo Ecology Course Tour, Oryukdo Cruise Tour)  


※ Details of the program can be found in the attached file.


Center for International Affairs

(Main building, Room 210)