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EZ Cafe for all students & faculty school personnel is open
  • Writer윤중혁
  • Date2010-04-21
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Notification from Dept. of Humanities & Arts.


We are now providing EZ Cafe to help students, teachers and staff improve


their English skills. So, we look forward to seeing you there.


1. Schedule : Every week 14:10~16:00 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

(exept for exam periods & a major events for our school)


2. Place : Lecture room 1 (Tam Gu Guan 307)


3. Invitees : Students and faculty school personnel


4. How : An English teacher will be there. So you can talk with an English teacher and ask some questions or have a several discussion during that time.


5. Teachers in charge of EZ Cafe / Schedule







David E.Lenhart

David E.Lenhart

Kim Lee Homme

Melinda French


Kim Lee Homme

An Jung-Hee

Kim Young-Mee

Melinda French


Thank you.