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Recruiting a Foreign English Instructor
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  • Date2009-07-12
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Korean Science Academy (KSA)

of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)


Recruiting a Foreign English Instructor



KSA of KAIST is looking for a competent and sincere foreign English instructor as the following:



1. Eligibility

a. A native speaker of English with at least a Bachelor’s degree

b. A person with approved/qualified teacher’s certificate (desirable)

c. A person with a master’s degree related to English or Education (desirable)


2. Main Duties

a. To teach the subjects and courses assigned by the Employer;

b. To prepare teaching materials for English classes;

c. To assist with the development of teaching materials related to English language education;

d. To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities within the place of employment;

e. To conduct English conversational classes/courses for Korean teachers and students, and

f. To perform other duties as designated by the employer including various English programs during the vacation.


3. Working Hours

a. Employee shall work eight (8) hours per day for five (5) calendar days per week from Monday to Friday and shall not work on Saturdays, Sundays and any national holidays of the Republic of Korea.

b. The Work Hours of Employee may follow the normal work schedule of civil servants of the Korean Government; however, such Work Hours may be adjusted by Employer as he/she deems appropriate.


4. Required Documents

  a. Application form[Download for KSA application form.doc] (attached form, 1 copy)

  b. A medical examination report (issued within 1 year)

c. A certificate of degree (Applicants may choose one of the following)

  - Original copy of the certificate (will be returned to the applicant after making a copy and having it sealed as a legitimate copy)

  - Copy of the diploma (verified by the Korean consulate or attached with documents verifying highest education, issued by ‘Korean Council for University Education’)

  - The certificate of academic degree/certificate of graduation (must be legalized through the Apostille or verified by the local Korean consulate)

d. A photocopy of the passport

e. A criminal record check (affixed with the relevant nation’s Apostille or verified by the local Korean consulate)

f. A recommendation letter (1 copy)

g. A sealed transcript (must be issued by the alma mater)

þ Optional Documents

h. Certified documents of working experience and awards (1 copy)

i. Certificate of qualification or approved teacher’s certificate (1 copy)


5. Term of Employment: A one-year period from Aug. 24, 2009 to Aug. 22, 2010

  w The Term of Employment may be renewed by the mutual written agreement between Employer and Employee, provided that each renewed employment term does not exceed one (1) year.


6. Remuneration: 2,500,000 ~ 3,500,000 (Korean Won) per month (depending on qualification and experience)

  w Employer shall provide Employee with housing including appliances and furniture.


7. Selection Process

a. Stage 1: Evaluation of submitted documents. (KSA will give a notice on July 21, individually)

b. Stage 2: Interview and open class (only for the applicants who passed in stage 1)

c. The successful candidate will be notified on July 27.


8. Application Period:

   w Applications must be submitted from July 8, to July 17, 2009 by a person or mail.

- Mailed applications must be postmarked by July 17, 2009.

- If the document is missing while it is being sent by mail, it is responsible for the applicant.


9. Contact Information (Ms. Yeonmee Choo)

w Address: Hyungsul-Gwan room No.302 Korea Science Academy of KAIST

899 Danggam 3-Dong, Busanjin-Gu, Busan, 614-822, South Korea

w Telephone No.: +82-51-6062-270, Fax: +82-51-6062-379, Http://

w E-mail address:


[Download for KSA application form.doc]